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    Women practicing Jiu Jitsu

    Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Brazilian jiu jitsu classes are based on the Gracie curriculum and focus on fitness, self-defense, and personal growth.

    Kids jiu jitsu class

    Kids Program

    Our kids' Jiu Jitsu program boosts confidence, teaches self-discipline and respect, and emphasizes anti-bullying techniques.

    Women's self defense class


    Our all-ages self-defense program covers practical skills and advanced tactics using simulations and everyday scenarios.

    Self-defense against weapons

    Kajukenbo Mixed Martial Arts

    Kajukenbo is a self-defense system covering weapons defense, multiple attackers, and more.

    Shinkendo expert with sword

    Shinkendo Japanese Style Sword

    Shinkendo focuses on katana skills, using bokkens in regular classes and live cutting for advanced students.

    Judo class


    Our Judo program provides training in throws and grappling, emphasizing skill development and physical conditioning.

    Muay Thai kickboxing expert

    Muay Thai Kickboxing

    Our Muay Thai program offers kickboxing training, focusing on striking and clinching techniques while improving physical fitness.

    Expert teaching seminar


    Our seminars feature special expert guests, providing advanced training and insights for attendees at all levels

    Group MMA class

    Group and Private Classes

    We offer specialized training for individuals and small groups, including private lessons.

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